SLMG Beverages Sustainable Vision

₹100 Cr Green Push: SLMG Beverages Sustainable Vision

SLMG Beverages will allocate ₹75 crore towards sustainability initiatives, with an additional ₹25 crore dedicated to enhancing quality.

In an effort to champion sustainable solutions in the fight against climate change, SLMG Beverages Pvt Ltd, the Coca-Cola bottling partner in India, is set to invest over ₹100 crore this year specifically towards sustainability, safety, and environmental initiatives.

The company announced that out of the entire investment, ₹75 crore will be directed towards sustainability, while ₹25 crore will be allocated for quality improvement.

SLMG Beverages Pvt Ltd Chairman and Managing Director S N Ladhani said: “Sustainability is core to our business strategy to respond to current and future challenges, while creating positive change for the planet,”

Ladhani stated: “Our water, packaging and climate goals are interlinked. By creating a circular economy for packaging, we will minimise our carbon footprint,”

SLMG wants to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in accordance with Coca-Cola’s global initiative to build a “World Without Waste”. This audacious goal demonstrates the company’s commitment to taking the lead in combating climate change and lessening its environmental impact.

SLMG is planning to deploy an additional 20 Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) in Agra, in addition to the existing 12.

According to the company, it is dedicated to using solar energy to generate 70% of its electricity needs.

As stated, the company is actively diminishing its ecological impact by implementing planned capacity expansions in Ayodhya (15 MW), Unnao (5 MW), and Chhata (2.5 MW). Simultaneously, the focus is on adopting clean energy solutions.

By 2025, SLMG hopes to have 5,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in its fleet; by 2027, it hopes to have 10,000.

According to the statement, the company is buying big electric vehicles (EVs) for distribution and warehousing in order to follow the global trend toward sustainable transportation.

By aligning financial resources with sustainable practices and product excellence, SLMG Beverages sets an example for corporate responsibility, influencing positive outcomes for both the environment and consumers worldwide.

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