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Fashion Forward: UNEP and UNCC Unveil the Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Style

The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Climate Change (UNCC) have teamed up to address the fashion industry’s critical need for sustainability. The Sustainable Fashion Playbook, a comprehensive manual for enacting positive change in the fashion industry, has just been released as a consequence of their combined efforts.

Ina Parvanova, the UN Climate Change’s head of communications and engagement, pointed out in a statement: “The fashion industry is aware that systemic improvements are necessary. It is vital to change consumer behavior and to address the part that marketing and narrative play in this.”

The playbook, which was unveiled at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen, provides guidance on how to mobilise public opinion in support of initiatives that combine environmental and social concerns for communicators who interact with consumers, including marketers, brand managers, image-makers, storytellers, media, and influential individuals.

The main points from the playbook, highlighting the strategies and approaches it offers to promote sustainability in the fashion industry.

Main Points from the Sustainable Fashion Playbook:

Holistic Sustainability ApproachThe playbook emphasizes a comprehensive approach to sustainability, considering environmental, social, and economic dimensions of the industry.
Collaboration and PartnershipStakeholders across the fashion value chain are encouraged to collaborate and work together towards shared sustainability goals.
Actionable StrategiesPractical guidance and actionable strategies are provided for areas such as design, sourcing, supply chain management, and waste reduction.
Innovation and TechnologyThe playbook recognizes the role of innovation and technology in driving sustainability, promoting their integration in the fashion industry.
Commitment to Climate ActionAligning with the goals of the Paris Agreement and taking concrete climate action is emphasized as a crucial aspect of sustainable fashion.

The Sustainable Fashion Communication Playbook acknowledges the power of the marketing apparatus used by the fashion industry as well as the significant role it plays in shaping customer desire, aspiration, and consumption levels. It presents an innovative option to concentrate their efforts on identifying circular and long-lasting solutions. Additionally, it provides a foundation for when regulations governing the presentation of environmental claims progressively come into existence.

UNEP’s communication director, Daniel Cooney, stated “The balance between the science of sustainability and reimagining the fashion narrative is where communicators can excel.”

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